Stock up on RUSS Merchandise


RUSS Hoodie


Get yourselves a warm, cosy, sick looking Yuki Threads hoodie for the upcoming season!
RUSS Bucket Hat

RMIT Snow Sports Bucket Hat


A perfect hat for a perfect occasion. Partner this up with a VB for an excellent experience!

RUSS Neck Jock

RUSS Neck Jock


Great for keeping wind and snow off your face whilst covering up your terrible looks!
RUSS Long Sleeve T

RUSS Long Sleeve T Shirt


"Don't bend it, just send it". A great motto for life placed on a perfect long sleeved tee!

RUSS Stubbie Holder

RUSS Stubbie Holder


Our RUSS stubbie holder is perfect for keeping your drinks cold, and your hands warmer!
RUSS Bottle

RUSS Drink Bottle


Our drink bottles are perfect for hiding goon, beer or long island iced teas!


RUSS Tall Tee


Grab yourself a sweet tall tee to keep the snow off your ass when you fall!

RUSS Ladies Tee


Ladies - cruise down the mountain or chill by the beach in this multi use tee ;)